Jason Perry is the Owner/Director of Training of Central State Training Group LLC. He has more than 20 years experience in the field of defensive use of firearms and is a well respected firearms trainer. He is certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, NRA and the Kansas Department of Corrections as an “instructor of police firearms”. He also holds a “Master Firearms Instructor” certification through the KDOC and is certified by the Attorney General as a Concealed Carry Instructor for Kansas. He is a graduate of Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting, Executive Security International, US Shooting Academy, Larry Vickers Tactical, Thunder Ranch, Front Sight, and is a graduate and an Associate Instructor with Defense Training International (John and Vicki Farnam).  He is a member of the Kansas State Rifle Association Training Committee. Jason has held certifications as an armorer for Ruger and Remington as well as MP9 sub gun operator through Ruger Training Division. He is certified through the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Defensive Tactics Instructor, and holds numerous certifications in the use of chemical agents, specialty impact munitions, electronic control devices and police baton. He is a 24  year veteran with the Kansas Department of Corrections, holds the rank of Captain and has been assigned as the Special Operations Commander for the Hutchinson Correctional Facility for more than 15 years.  Jason commands this 36 person tactical team and is in charge of all training and development of these officers.  He is a Reserve Officer with the Burrton Kansas Police Department. He has been instructing both law enforcement personnel and private citizens in the defensive use of firearms for more than two decades at locations around the world.



     Scott Perry has been a certified police officer in the state of Kansas for more than 20 years. He has served as a firearms instructor for several agencies as well as lead defensive tactics/self defense instructor. He has been assigned to patrol duties and served on SWAT teams performing high risk entry, hostage rescue, and warrant service. Scott was assigned as “team leader” for the elite Hostage Rescue Team during his tenure with the Kansas Department of Corrections. He has been a lead instructor at several tactical schools including the Reno County SWAT School that draws teams from across the state. Scott has trained with the world famous LAPD SWAT and Springfield, Mo. SWAT teams. He is certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center as an Instructor of Police Firearms and as a Sub-gun/Select Fire Rifle Instructor. He has trained at Jim Lindel’s NLETC and is certified as an LVNR and Defensive Tactics Instructor through that organization. Scott has worked for Triple Canopy as a lead firearms and tactics instructor; he was responsible for the training of contract personnel for the Department of Defense and State Department.  He was the first Director of Operations for Gander Mtn. Academy in Wichita, Ks.  Scott has been instructing police and military personnel in the defensive use of firearms for more than 20 years and is more than qualified to instruct at the highest level of tactical training down to the most basic safety and marksmanship course.




Ray Stiggins has more than 15 years experience instructing firearms with the Kansas Department of Corrections.  He is certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, NRA and KDOC as an instructor of police firearms.  He is a Master Firearms Instructor for the Department of Corrections in Kansas.  Ray has attended specialized  training with the NTOA and LAPD SWAT.  He has been employed with the KDOC for 25 years, 24 of those serving on SORT.  He was instrumental in the creation of the State of Kansas Basic SORT Academy and continues to be a lead instructor for the program.  Ray has been a K-9 handler, Special Security Team member, Training Lt., Team Leader for the Hostage Rescue Team and is currently assigned as the Assistant SORT Commander.  He is a certified instructor of Chemical Agents, Less Lethal Munitions, Self Defense and Rappelling.  He is certified through the Monadnock Police Training Council as an instructor of police baton.  Ray is a U.S. Navy veteran.  He has been a  certified EMT and Fire Fighter in his home state of Kansas.



Fred Craig   is from the Hutchinson Kansas area.  He is a national champion handgun shooter and a top notch instructor.  Fred has worked abroad as an instructor for the US military and contract personnel.  Fred is a master pistolsmith and his work, including several original designs, has been featured on the cover of American Handgunner magazine.  He has worked as a consultant for some of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world.  Fred has been involved in the firearms and training industry for well over two decades and is known world over  for his shooting ability and gunsmithing skills.     



            John Smalley is currently a Major (P) in the United States Army Reserve.  He has over 27 years of Active Duty and Reserve Military experience.  He has deployed three times since 9/11 to include the Republic of South Korea, Southwest Asia for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and a Joint Assignment with the United States Air Force.  He has 16 years experience training Soldiers in Basic Rifle Marksmanship and trained Designated Marksman for the USAF to deploy to the Afghanistan/Pakistan area of operations.  As an enlisted Soldier John was an armorer with experience with both individual and crew served weapons.

John’s civilian occupation is with the Kansas Department of Corrections.  He’s been with the Department over 20 years.  Currently he is Team Leader for the Sniper HRT element, and a certified KDOC firearms/use of force instructor.  John has 15+ years experience as a sniper for the Department of Corrections, graduated from two KBI sniper schools, won the KDOC Top Gun Competition in 1997, and is a certified Ruger Armorer.


   Nate Chilson has been active in law enforcement for nearly 20 years working as both a street cop and in his current career with the Kansas Department of Corrections. Nate currently serves as a team leader for the elite Hostage Rescue Team for the maximum security prison in Hutchinson.  He served in the US Army for 7 years where he received extensive training in various weapons systems from pistol to crew served weaponry.  Nate is a state certified firearms instructor and has been teaching for 5+ years.  He is certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center as a “less lethal” shotgun instructor and as a Chemical Agents/Impact Munitions instructor for the KDOC.