Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Our range facility is located near Pretty Prairie, Kansas which is approx. 30 miles West of Wichita, Kansas.  There are hotels both in Wichita and Hutchinson (approx. 20 miles North).  Wichita is home to an large airport with numerous flights in and out daily.


Q.  How often do you run Concealed Carry courses?

A.  Normally every 8-10 weeks or so depending on the time of year and our schedule


Q.  Do you require payment in advance?

A.  Yes, for most classes a 50% deposit  is required.  Your deposit is “non-refundable” but can be used for another course within one year of the original date of the class you are unable to attend.  You will not be offered a cash refund of your deposit.


Q.  Is there a minimum age to attend a course?

A.  Anyone 18 or older or 14 accompanied by a parent is welcome to attend.


Q.  Do you offer any discounts?

A.  Groups of 5 or more attending a Concealed Carry class can take off $10 per person.  Most of our other classes offer a discount (up to 100%) for LEO’s and K-12 Teachers.  Check with us for details.


Q.  I don’t have a gun, holster, ammo, ear protection, etc.  Can I still attend a class?

A.  We have most items available for rent or purchase.  Please let us know your needs in advance.


Q.  I am a police officer, Navy Seal, Delta Force, secret agent, etc.  Do I really have to start with a basic level course?

A.  Yes.  Our training techniques are unique to us and we require everyone to start at the beginning.  We feel that no matter who you are it can’t hurt to get a basic refresher course and this will ensure that everyone is on the same sheet of music during the higher level courses.


Q.  What kind of gun do you recommend to bring to a class?

A.  One that works!  For the handgun courses, with the exception of Concealed Carry, we require a centerfire semi-auto or double action revolver.  For the Carbine Course a military style semi-auto is required eg.  AR15, Mini 14, AK platform, etc.   Contact us if you have questions about the suitability of your firearm. DUE TO THE CURRENT AMMUNITION SHORTAGE WE WILL ALLOW .22LR CONVERSION KITS OR REPLICA FIREARMS TO BE USED FOR 2/3 OF THE AMMO REQUIREMENT.  THE REST MUST STILL BE CENTERFIRE.


Q.  What equipment will I need for my course?

A.  For the firearms courses you should dress in comfortable clothing with durable footwear.  Shirts should be crew neck or be able to be buttoned up.  A covering garment  is required for Handgun 2 or higher level courses.  Handgun classes require a strong-side holster worn on the belt, magazine or speedloader pouch, at least two mags. or speedloaders (3-5 is better).  Shotgun or carbine courses require an ammunition carrier either affixed to the gun or worn on the belt and a sling.  Eye and ear protection are required for all range activities.  Knee/elbow pads should be considered if you have issues with either.  Sunscreen and bug repellent depending on the time of year.  A brimmed hat is recommended for all shooting courses.  A personal first aid kit with bandages/tape for minor cuts and scrapes.  LEO’s should consider attending courses using their duty gear.  Other gear specific to a certain course will be listed in the description or made known to you in advance.


Q.  Can I use my reloads for the course?

A.  No.  Factory ammunition is required.  Factory reloaded ammunition such as Black Hills is acceptable.



Q.  Are you willing to travel to my department, home range, gun club, etc.?

A.  Yes!  Our main business is Mobile Training.  We are happy to come to your location and provide training specific to your particular needs.  Contact us for a free consult and cost estimate.