About Us

     At Central State Training Group LLC our mission is to offer quality training in the defensive use of firearms that is both convenient and affordable to the everyday citizen and average law enforcement officer or military personnel.

We are able to reach our goal by offering a combination of small “on site” classes delivered in 4-16 hour blocks and the ability to “bring the training to you”. At Central State Training Group we are happy to come to your location and tailor a training program for your group or department’s specific training needs and budget. Normally this results in a significant cost savings for the end user. Expensive travel costs are all but eliminated and classes can be arranged around your schedule when it is convenient for you. Please compare the cost of our programs to any of the big name schools that operate out of a “fixed” location where YOU go to THEM when it’s convenient for THEM. Also consider this, our instructors have attended many of these same programs and have picked only the best of the best techniques and have taken that knowledge and developed it into the curriculum that will be presented to you. We spent the big bucks and the time so you don’t have to.

Our “cadre” of adjunct instructors can take care of virtually any firearms related need you may have from simple safety and marksmanship type courses up to the highest levels of tactics and training for law enforcement tactical teams. Other areas such as self defense/defensive tactics, specialty impact munitions, chemical agents, and electronic control devices can be covered as part of your personal training program as well.

We encourage you to “compare resumes”, look at the numbers, and decide for yourself. In the end we feel you won’t find a better value in today’s firearms training market.